Miami Alkaline Water Order now Whether you’re experiencing a hot summer day, intense workout, or dry winter skin, Miami Alkaline water is a cool way to hydrate your body with all of the right elements.

Miami Alkaline Water

Is the first Water store in South Florida, complete with a Water Bar and a six-step water purification system that ensures high-quality water.

Water Bar

Featuring four different types of mineral-enriched water with a higher alkalinity and a pH range of 10.5 for maximum hydration.

  • Power of Alkaline 8.5 – 9.5 PH
  • Power of Youth 9.5 – 10.5 PH
  • Clean and Fresh Low TDS
  • CBD Water FDA Approved


With our water delivery service, you can now have our refreshing Alkaline Bottled Water delivered directly to your door.

Private Label

Create Your Own Private Label Bottled Water. A unique way to communicate what you stand for! Select the bottles, colors, and message that best represent you! The gift that keeps on giving is Private Label! As most people re-use and travel with their water bottles, – Now so does your business! It’s your mobile advertising with a ONE time investment.

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